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This is the community for discussion of special needs at BiCon. Special needs include permanent and temporary disabilities, invisible disabilities, chronic illnesses, mental illnesses... and anything else where you could benefit from extra help or attention by the BiCon team.

I should point out that this is not an official BiCon community - yet! - and may not be monitored by current BiCon committee members. So if you have a particular special need that needs to be addressed at this year's BiCon, you should get in touch with the team directly. If you simply want support or companionship as a disabled person at BiCon, feel free to post a bit about yourself.

Of particular concern to us at the moment is the BiCon Special Needs Guidelines, which were drafted as a result of concerns raised by disabled people at BiCon 2002. These need to be voted on before they can be formally adopted, and due to the sheer length of the document it will be difficult to discuss it in great detail at BiCon. Hence it would be really helpful if everyone with an interest in special needs could read it ;)

Please make each new point as a separate post in the community, so that each thread is a separate topic. If you don't know how to post to a community, check the FAQ.

Thanks, and enjoy the community!