barakta (barakta) wrote in bicon_special,

BiCon 2008 Site Visit: 2008-03-08

I will be visiting Leicester (Oadby Campus) the BiCon 2008 venue on 8th March.

I've found my mirror of the BiCon Special Needs Databank as I couldn't find the original on memevector's websites which have changed considerably - I'll email her about that to find out what is going on. I want to tidy it up something this year and put it on one of the central BiCon websites alongside the Guidelines and stuff.

I've grabbed content from the BSND and chucked into a format that I can print and take with me to the venue. I shall try and write it up coherently and upload it to our website as soon after 8th March as possible.

Is there anything specific that you'd like to know about the venue? Any requests? Any questions you'd like me to ask the venue staff while we're there?
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