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PA Request.

We are looking for someone to assist a lady attending BiCon 2004 who is in a wheelchair and needs some help with day to day tasks during that time. We are looking for one other (we have one person almost confirmed) person to share this job so that you will have most of your time at BiCon.

Basically, I need assistance with all personal care tasks; including toileting, washing, dressing & undressing, applying make-up etc. I need assistance with getting in & out of bed, but I do transfer myself (I just need someone there to supervise,) so no hoisting is required. I need help with feeding and having the odd beer, too!!!

This lady has no preference regarding the gender of her carer and is happy to explain in more detail what she would require as well as letting you know her needs and what you will need to do to ensure those needs are met. We would need you to be reliable and do the agreed hours at the agreed times as this lady would be relying on you to faciliate her enjoyment of BiCon.

In exchange for doing 50% of this lady's care we would offer you free registration and accommodation for BiCon 2004 and there may be a chance of you getting some payment for your time from this lady herself (if she can get social services to agree to terms and conditions).

If you are interested can you please contact me privately by email at to discuss this further and find out whether you are suitable for this lady's needs.

Any help much appreciated.


Natalya - Accessibility Officer BiCon2004
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