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Accessibility Review of BiCon 2004 Venue (Manchester)

The BiCon 2004 team of which I am part, (as disability person) is planning on doing a review of the venue in terms of accessibility. I am posting here so anyone who has access needs who wants specific things checked can let me know (either here or by email see below) so I can incorporate that into my measurement/reviewing plan.

I hope to get as MUCH information as I can about the venue, layouts and aproximate dimensions of the BiCon using areas. I feel this is mostly a mobility issue review, so wheelchair/scooter access; how easy people with limited walking mobility can get around or even those who have fatigue related conditions etc etc. If I have missed something obvious now is the time to poke me about it.

I will publish as much information as I can on the BiCon 2004 website and alert potential BiCon attending people in various LJ, online and BCN type places where to find it. If I am allowed I will also try and get photographs of accomodation and communal spaces so people can see them. The earlier we realise potential problems the better we can devise solutions and alternatives.

Please do let me know as soon as possible about potential questions, I am not sure of the final date for checking the venue but it should be soon. I have exams in the first week of February so before that would be helpful so I can incorporate it into my review plan.

My email address is any email you send will be kept confidential and your identity not revealed to anyone else.


Natalya - disability/accessibility minion of BiCon 2004 team.

p.s if anyone knows of good online sources of access guidelines please let me know...
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