barakta (barakta) wrote in bicon_special,

Typed up guidelines

Have spent this evening helping 36 sanity check CIZ publishing guidelines and typing up some of the publication/print/large print things for the BSNG things.

As this is only a rough copy please don't comment on typos too much. I've done my typing limit for the day so will do that tomorrow, but suggestions on wording/style/etc would be appreciated. I've noticed the guidelines so far have a table with 2 columns, what is the 2nd one for, is it for ticking or something? Just intrigued.

Anyways, my typed up guidelines so far are at please make coments to this entry (so I have them in my email).

I will do a whole load more of the printing stuff and if H-L is ok I'll try and do some Deafness stuff, I need to dig out my backups for references on that one.

Oh and when is the last day that it is worth editing what exists at present? I know BiCon starts thurs so am assuming Wed early evening or whatever.

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