barakta (barakta) wrote in bicon_special,

Ideal BiCon Venue..

What would your ideal BiCon venue be like?

As part of the BiCon2008 team which is in the early stages of venue evaluations I'm in a position of influence BEFORE the venue is chosen. I'd like feedback to ensure I'm considering issues which people consider important.

I'm currently considering:
* Geographic location and ease of travel from the nearest railway and bus stations as well as by car.

* Venue compactnesss, with accommodation as close to the rest of the venue space as pssible with noise from entertainments being as low as possible.

* 100% Wheelchair accessibility to all public BiCon space is essential (reception, workshop rooms, plenary room and social daytime and evening space) (have I missed anything?).

* Chill-out space separate from main entertanment and other bar space.

* Well lit venue areas and decent terrain (feedback on terrain would be helpful)...

I'll be going through the Special Needs databank as well....
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