Larry (mankylarry) wrote in bicon_special,

Bi's and Mental Health

Hi Laurence here. Congratulations to everyone who put in a lot of work for the Guidelines for BiCon, very inspirational.

One thing I have noticed since I've been going to BiCon and been involved in the Bi Community is the issue of mental health.

1.A number of surveys have looked at the issue of Bisexuality and mental health.

2, I've also noticed from individual journals and personal comments in bi egroups that there appears to be quite a few people who have personal diagnosis or are on prescribed drugs which are for mental health related issues.

Not just at BiCon, was wondering, what we as a community actually do about mental health issues within our community.

More specific at BiCon, what do we do as a community and within our community about mental health issues and additionally post BiCon after-care.

Are these things that this forum can start to look at ?

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