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web site updates & what next

OK have just uploaded a somewhat updated and upgraded version of the BSNG web site.

Main things that have changed are...
* new intro from baratron
* barakta's txt file has been incorporated as the basis for the printed material page
* lots of amendments and extra bits based on either stuff said in this LJ or baratron's comments sent to me in email
* pages that have been amended since the first upload now have dates on them for their latest version
* "State of play" has been put onto a separate page, so that the index page looks more like it eventually will. (Because I was thinking of how the whole thing would look printed out in a folder at BiCon.) And "state of play" now alludes to the fact that people might be reading it on paper at BiCon.

Things that have been commented on here and are not yet done:
* colourblindness needs mentioning in various places
* some Deaf awareness stuff on the wiki hasn't made it over to the web site yet (but I've marked where it's due to go)
* people have come up with oodles of fabby links, and those ought to be incorporated, I think possibly in section 3. Some of the detail that bi_dancer13 found on the web sites could also be added to section 3 - I've merged the key points from that into the relevant lists (or at least tried to).

For several reasons, I'm now reluctant to do more on the web site before BiCon, except for a couple of things mentioned below. Reasons:

1) Except for the missing bit about ownership and updating, I think we have done enough on it for anyone to look at it and get the gist of "Yes, I see how this works". Clearly it's not finished, but if people don't trust the interested parties to do the remaining work, then they're not going to trust any future changes either - and it's inherent in the plan that there will be future changes.

2) I would like to suggest that people move their focus towards the proposals, which we will need to have finished at BiCon and which I therefore think are higher priority than the site now.

3) 36 and I were talking yesterday about how the "back end" of the web site works.

At the moment it is 100% plain old HTML, with style sheets. When I began it I was quite reluctant to do anything clever with it (like server side includes or whatever), partly because of the setting up, but more fundamentally because I didn't want to come up with something which only geeks (or semi-geeks anyway) would ever be able to update. But as the thing's got larger and larger I must confess that the idea of some kind of automation begins to appeal :-) The form of that could be debated, and I'm sure will be, by me and 36 if no-one else. But I am a bit reluctant to put loads more work into the present format before we're sure it's the one to keep.

4) It's nearly BiCon and I have some equally important other things to do!!

What I am most interested in accomplishing with the web site now is...

1) A section on who "owns" it and how it can be updated. At a pinch, I could just cut & paste what I wrote in LJ yesterday, but it's not really quite in the right sort of language.

2) Changing the name, if we're going to. ippola voted for "Data bank". Please do comment on this and either say it's OK with you or object now if you want to!

3) If appropriate, handing over to someone else tomorrow (which shouldn't be hard if anyone wants it and has some web space) - perhaps someone who's leaving later for BiCon than I am.

I reckon I have got time to do those by the time I need to stop working on it for now, which will be tomorrow early afternoon. There are a couple of other contextual things I'll tweak if I have time. I shan't have time to do any more detailed content updates before BiCon though, which is why I'm saying someone else can grab it if they do have time.

Comments on all that welcome.
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