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BiCon 2004 - I'm Disability-minion

I don't know if I am supposed to announce that I am Disability Team member for the 2004 BiCon team or not, but sodit, I'll say it here because I'll be using this as a resource to help me in this minion-ship next year and hope that BiCon feedback will come here as well as other places I am reading.

As I am unable to make BiCon this year I'm not going to be at any of these workshops or discussions. I know that many of you are hoping to write these up so if you could let me know when that happens etc then thats much appreciated. This year's BiCon is the first with a named disability officer and I hope that I can follow in Vicki's shoes and do good by you lot as well. I plan to ask Vicki nicely after she's recovered from BiCon stress for appropriate headsup on her role this year,

I'm not going to say too much more as that would distract from this BiCon, other than wishing you all have a FABULOUS (must stop using that word...) time and hoping all your support needs are met as well as can be done by 2003 organising team.

I shall now retire to my ear-dizzyness bed and hopefully recover from low-level illness cakk soon!


edited for sanity after being erked at (kindly) for not making sense. Now I am going to bed, and blaming all incoherence on being ill so nerr ;p
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