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potential proposals, part 2

(continuing - see earlier post first)

2. Making explicit that there would be an Equality Fund, for both financial access and anti-disabling measures.

Under "Access and anti discrimination issues", what we already have in the BiCon Guidelines is...

"BiCon should be made accessible as possible to people
on low incomes by means including a variable price scheme/sliding scale.

There's also

"BiCon should do its best to be accessible to parents of
young children by providing child care facilities.

(other points in the access section deal with gender, transgender and harassment, and are not directly relevant to money or resources as far as I can see).

The gist of the proposed new guideline would be: have an Equality fund, and treat it as something for resolving disabling obstacles not just financial ones, and publicise it as such.

It could be as simple as expanding the existing one: "BiCon should be made accessible as possible to people on low incomes and/or with special needs, by means including a variable price scheme/sliding scale and an Equality Fund". But that doesn't specifically mention how the Equality Fund is described & advertised.

I've included the parents/children point here because the Equality Fund advertising could well include mentions of ways in which it can be used to support parents - even if in practice, it is mainly straightforward financial stuff such as paying for the child's room.

(By the way, I should probably make clear that I'm not assuming either that these will be proposals we'll put in, or that they'd be voted yes to. This is all just to start the conversation and give people something to bounce off.)

Comments please...
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